About Us / Vision, Mission, Values

What drives us everyday

Our Vision

Our vision describes the idealised future state that we as an organisation are committed to work towards. We see value in connecting the different applications and platforms that school staff and teachers interact with into an integrated ecosystem. Through this interconnectivity, we believe our users become empowered and effective and as a whole, enjoy using these systems more.

“To create an inter-connected tech ecosystem in MOE that is empowering, effective, and enjoyable for everyone.”

Our Mission

With our vision in mind, we believe that focusing on these five areas will enable us to get there.


Build a diverse team of problem-solvers, relationship-builders and team-makers, who create impact beyond execution.

Up Our Game

Evolving the practices of our craft to be more world-class and invest in more systemic, force-multiplying solutions to amplify and scale our efforts.


Empower one another, internally and externally, with frameworks, best practices and more so that as one, we can all contribute to digitalisation.

User Journey

Thoughtfully streamline user journeys across organisational boundaries.


Catalyse the use of data strategically and meaningfully across MOE.

Our Values

We are a values-led organisation and our values guide us on how we should think and act to achieve our organisation’s vision and mission. If these values describe you, and the people you want to work with, you will likely do well and feel right at home in ESTL.

Start with the User

Users are the ‘why’ behind our work. We seek to listen to their voices, understand their needs, and iterate with their feedback.

Stronger Together

Empathy and respect form the bedrock of our interactions with one another. We see people as people, not as vehicles, obstacles, or irrelevancies. They matter as we matter – with needs, objectives, and challenges. We seek unity in diversity as we work with peers and partners; knowing we will emerge stronger when we bring everyone together.

Constructively Challenge

We question existing assumptions, challenge the status quo, and at times, give contrarian views. While doing so, we still seek to understand and find common ground.

Outcomes over Outputs

We are not here to deliver more products or features. We measure success based on the value we create for our users, partners and organisations.

Embrace Experimentation

We shape an environment where everyone’s curiosity is encouraged, the effort of getting started is low, insights can be shared and stacked purposefully, and valuable increments can be released frequently.

Take Ownership

In our pursuit of meaningful work, we take initiative to step in, solve problems, and clear the hurdles. Instead of waiting for things to happen, we take proactive steps to make things happen.

Actively Give and Seek Feedback

We are unafraid to give and seek honest feedback even though it might be uncomfortable or if it means feeling awkward temporarily. We build a culture of positive and constructive critique to create a safe and secure environment for all to start seeking feedback confidently from one another as part of our shared habits.

Learn & Teach

In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn. We seek to inspire others and invest in one another’s growth with what we have learnt. We believe that we will truly learn the best when we take steps to teach others, think deeper about how we do work, break down the steps and communicate to others.