Our Work

Making impact in the education sector

We start with the user

As an in-house unit within the Ministry of Education, we have direct access to speak to and test out our solutions with schools and teachers. That means we constantly ensure that we are building the right solutions, while our engineers ensure the solutions are built right.

We also leverage our key competitive advantage – we have actual users within our team, working alongside us. Teachers (Education Officers) who have many years of on-the-ground experience and domain knowledge are part of our development team, serving as Product Managers. They have the utmost empathy for all our teachers, having been there and championing the user perspective strongly.

We embrace experimentation

Through our constant conversations with schools and teachers, we are cognizant of their challenges. Not content to accept the status quo, we dream up new possibilities and actively test them out.

We build quickly, measure the outcomes, and learn continually. Through iterative cycles of learning and implementation, we concretely provide value to users.

We are stronger together

To move fast, we are organised in focused cross-functional Agile teams working together from the get-go. No matter our job role, we all pitch in to solve the problem.

Partnering beyond our team with other divisions within the Ministry, we focus on our shared purpose of doing right by our users. Journeying together, we value and build on each other's distinct strengths, contributions, and perspectives, for the greater good.

Our featured products

A secure, fast, and simple solution to gather and analyse information from students and staff

A collaborative platform for teachers to create custom student name lists for tracking of student information

A one-stop platform to view and manage school bus operations data

A one-stop portal that strengthens school-home partnerships to support our children's education journey

Facilitating the attendance taking of students for classes and CCA

Facilitating the generation of timetables for schools