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Parents Gateway

A one-stop portal that strengthens school-home partnerships to support our children's education journey


Schools and teachers were updating parents by having students relay hardcopy letters to them. Many times, information was lost when students misplaced these hardcopy letters or forgot to pass them on to their parents. Additionally, for future reference, parents had to file these physical copies.

Similarly, schools and teachers had to manually keep track of parents’ responses and follow up accordingly if there was no response.


Launched in January 2019, Parents Gateway (PG) is the one-stop portal for effective school-home engagement.

Parents are able to view school announcements and consent forms of all their children from one single app. They can easily give consent for school activites, make travel declarations and book their preferred slots for Parent-Teacher meetings. To better support their children in their education journey, parents can also discover curated parenting resources straight from the app.

Schools and teachers no longer need to generate physical forms and can quickly create and send digital announcements and consent forms. Responses are conveniently collected and tracked on the same platform. Scheduling Parent-Teacher meetings is now much more efficient, reducing back-and-forth coordination with parents.


As of Sep 2022,


mainstream schools onboarded


MOE kindergartens onboarded


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