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All Ears

A secure, fast and simple solution to gather and analyse data from students and staff


Part of a teacher's administrative duties is to collect data from students by issuing surveys. However, existing form-builders do not meet all the needs a teacher requires, such as tracking the students who haven't submitted the form. This makes it cumbersome to conduct surveys on students despite using a digital form.


By integrating with schools’ data such as their student lists, form creators using All Ears can specify the intended recipients for the form and easily track the responses. 

What’s more, All Ears has powerful personalisation capabilities that allow teachers to customise options that are relevant to each student. This is especially useful for subject combination and CCA allocation exercises.


As of November 2022,

> 14,000 forms


> 741,000 forms


MOE HQ is now using All Ears to conduct surveys with schools and parents.