Life @ ESTL  /  Our Workspace

Conducive and inclusive

We are committed to creating the right conditions for our people to do their best work.

Designed for deep work

For peak productivity, staff are provided with ergonomic height-adjustable tables and wide-screen monitors.

Full-height windows let in maximum natural light and views of the beautiful greenery outside.

Need to focus deeply without distractions? There are multiple quiet zones around the office for staff to get in the flow.

Designed for team collaboration 

With an open area well-equipped with moveable whiteboards and large-screen projectors, it’s easy to facilitate group discussions and run team huddles. 

Ample meeting rooms with monitors and teleconferencing equipment ensure both in-person and hybrid meetings proceed smoothly. 

Our dedicated collaborative workspace is a conducive space created for co-workers to come together. Perfect for our VIPs and guests too.

Designed for connection 

Beyond work, we see the importance of a workplace that brings our people together for fun and connection. And what better way to connect than through a cuppa, a round of badminton or some video games?