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SC Mobile

Facilitating the attendance taking of students for classes and CCA


Teachers have to take attendance daily and it is a tedious process. It has to be taken every morning, with specific status codes for different absent reasons. If a student cannot be found, the parent has to be notified, and if a student is consistently absent, follow-up actions have to be taken, for example counselling.

To mark attendance, teachers have been using pen and paper or recording it on Excel sheets. They will then need to manually submit the records to the HQ database – School Cockpit. 


SC Mobile is an attendance-taking platform that is accessible via teachers’ mobile devices or their desktops. With SC Mobile, teachers quickly mark students' attendance each morning by tapping on their mobile phones. At their own time, they can select the specific absent reason, and these data will be automatically sent to School Cockpit. 

Teachers can easily view parents’ contact information when needed, and SC Mobile can automatically inform parents of students’ absences via SMS. 

During the pandemic, SC Mobile would also update the students' TraceTogether statuses, eliminating the need for students to do SafeEntry in schools.

Teachers can easily take daily attendance for their students and note the reasons for absence

An all-in-one attendance portal, teachers can also mark attendance for CCA and emergency drills



adoption by all schools for marking of students’ daily attendance