Designing and engineering the future together

A career with us

In ESTL, we care about you for who you are and who you want to become. When you start a career at ESTL, you’ll receive respect and support from an inclusive community throughout your time here. We see you as a person and care about your personal growth as much as your professional growth. We commit ourselves to be ‘people-first’ and we continue to attract people who believe in this and grow with us.


Who we hire

Data Engineer

You like to deal with data and are extremely passionate in setting up data infrastructure to enable others. You help others to unlock opportunities to catalyse the use of data.

Delivery Manager

Are you a cheerleader? Whether the odds are with or stacked against them, you always cheer them on and provide support. You coach and enable the teams to help themselves so that they can be stronger together.

 DevOps Engineer

You are passionate about technology and you like to innovate. Your work makes so much difference that software engineers can focus on creating and delivering applications without being distracted by infrastructure, tooling and compliance.

Product Manager

Is driving your passion? You can define vision, align stakeholders and prioritise for a product. Many teachers love this job as they finally have a chance to get rid of sticky problems.

Quality Engineer

Love catching bugs? Obsession with automation? Your job is to constantly evolve the test infrastructure and help software engineers to help themselves in all testing activities.

Software Engineer

Obsession with creation? You eat and breathe coding to solve real-world problems in public education. You are always the resourceful go-to person to flip the impossible to possible.

UX Designer

You are passionate about conceptualising and crafting design solutions from evidence-based insights. You get excited when user voices are met while delivering business value and impact.

Let’s connect!

Don't see an opening? Our doors are open to talents and we'd still love to have a conversation with you.

Diverse backgrounds, like-minded people

People in ESTL come from all sorts of backgrounds with experience in engineering, design, agile, and teaching. What binds us together is our shared beliefs that guide how we think and act in our day-to-day

Making an impact in the education sector

Designing and developing products with agility to respond to constant change is just one of the ingredients of our recipe for success. We are passionate about creating meaningful change in the tech ecosystem of the education sector.

We work hard and play hard

Playfulness deepen our connection with one another and recharge our souls amid work challenges. We are given autonomy and opportunities to bring out the best version of ourselves working towards the north stars set forth by our leaders.