Life @ ESTL  /  Our Culture

We work hard and play hard

We are intentional in building a work culture with the following traits:

Psychologically safe

We desire for everyone to bring their whole selves to work and we enable that by creating an environment where everyone feels safe enough to show their authentic selves. Inputs are actively solicited and differing opinions are free to be shared without judgment. We seek to build such trust that we are comfortable being vulnerable around one another. 

Autonomy with alignment

Our leaders communicate where the north stars are and why we need to get there. With strong alignment towards that, team members are given a high level of autonomy to make independent decisions and find the best solutions. There is a deep trust that all is strongly aligned with our vision and extremely focused on tackling the problems that matter to the sector. 

Fun and playful

We consciously make time and space for team members to play and have fun together, as we believe that playfulness is an important way to deepen our connection with one another and recharge our souls amid work challenges. And as we see work as fun, the positivity helps us stay on track especially when obstacles come our way.