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A one-stop platform to view and manage school bus operations data


It is tedious and labour intensive for MOE HQ to collect and analyse school bus data. This is a manual process of requiring school bus operators to submit information about students, bus fees, routes, and timings to school admin managers, who will then try to match the information with their student records to pick out the right students and their residential addresses. The data is also likely to be outdated as it is collected only once a year. 

In addition, parents often approach schools to get more information about bus routes and admin managers often do not have the latest information on hand.


With OneSchoolBus, all stakeholders including school users, bus operators and MOE HQ, can conveniently view and manage data relating to school bus operations on one platform. 

For example, real-time student attendance data is conveniently marked on a mobile app developed for the drivers and fed back to the platform. 

This ready access to data reduces communication friction and allows for better decision-making to make school transportation safer and smarter.

School bus drivers can see their bus routes at a glance and easily mark attendance of students on their routes

School bus operators have a one-stop view of all their bus routes

What our users say

I can now keep track of students and get hold of their contact numbers quickly. No need to carry paper around.

- Ng Eng Lee Bus Service

“OSB has improved the process of tracking students taking school bus. It has also helped to reduce the school’s effort in keying in the details into the central system.”

- Ms Tye, Admin Manager of Radin Mas Primary School